About the Red Clover Inn & Restaurant

Killington Vermont’s most sophisticated inn is rich in history and accolades, thanks to tasteful updates, excellent customer service, and resourceful staff. Connect to our blog and Social Lounge.

The year 1849 was a great one. How do we know? That’s the year the house and farm that became the Red Clover Inn was born. The Inn was named for the Vermont State Flower, a purplish-red clover, which emerges from fields and pastures amid Vermont’s scenic countryside as spring turns to summer.

A summer retreat, a farmhouse, a destination for extended family, a lodge. The Red Clover’s story is rich in history, peppered with tales of loyalty, the search for tranquility, a bit of intrigue, some drama, and lots of love.

In 2009 the Tyler and Hill families saw opportunity in the rambling Inn, converted carriage house, stately farmhouse and an original dairy barn nestled in the shadow of Pico Mountain. After a year-long renovation, the Inn became one of the most sophisticated and stylish accommodations in Vermont.

The Red Clover Inn reflects many of the core values of The Tyler Place Family Resort in Highgate Springs, all-inclusive summer destination operated by the Tyler’s since 1933. The Red Clover Inn continues the Tyler tradition of personal hospitality combined with fine food, and possibly a cocktail or two.

Read our accolades from the media as well as our treasured guests, and discover what others love about the Red Clover Inn. We are confident that you will find your own love, as well.

One key to our success is our staff. From the daily work of keeping an inn, to designing custom itineraries, planning activities, arranging for special needs, and more, working with Red Clover Inn guests gives us a sense of accomplishment. Meet our staff here, online, and then come get to know them in person.

Learn more about the Red Clover Inn through our blog and Social Lounge. Take a peek into the world of Killington, Vermont before you visit, or if you are thinking of returning in a different season, or simply if you become a big fan. It’s happened before!

Most of all, we want to offer the getaway of your dreams in the one-of-a-kind Tyler Family style of service and friendship. Whether it’s an active Killington ski vacation, long colorful walks amid falling leaves, summer hiking on the Long Trail, a girlfriend shopping getaway, or simply just a great book and a warm hearth: the door is open. The Red Clover Inn welcomes you.