About Our Staff

Meet the Red Clover Staff

Meet the people who bring the Red Clover Inn & Restaurant to life on a daily basis. 

The Red Clover Inn is a special place, for a reason: the people who work here love what they do, and come to work every day hoping to show our guests the best of Vermont hospitality. You'll notice a few common threads among them, mainly a deep, abiding love for the Green Mountain state (and a healthy appreciation for its cheese). 


Innkeepers & Event Staff

Carol PetitBon, General Manager/Event Coordinator

I love Vermont because of the back roads to cruise down and explore, and the beautiful mountains that are always in the background. I enjoy meeting the new people who visit the Inn as well as reconnecting and catching up with our repeat guests.  I equally enjoy coordinating weddings and parties.  Meeting new couples and helping them create the wedding of their dreams is something I take very seriously.

At Red Clover since: February 2014

Hometown: Lincoln, Rhode Island

Carol loves: Gardening, enjoying the outside in any way she can, and her children

Favorite thing about Vermont: The plethora of outdoor activities, available in any season; kayaking and hiking each summer, skiing and snowshoeing through the winter months, and the crisp air and beautiful colors of fall.

Favorite Vermont food: cheese, foraged spring ramps and foraged mushrooms


Maggie Yates, Innkeeper

At Red Clover since: November, 2014

Hometown: Chittenden, Vermont (via England)

Maggie loves: Baking cookies for guests, walking her dog Toby, visiting her grandchildren and making jam. 

Favorite Vermont food: Extra sharp cheese and maple ice cream


Morgan Howard, Innkeeper

I'm entering my senior year at the University of New Hampshire, where I am studying psychology. I love Vermont for its foliage. There is nothing like driving through Vermont in the fall.

At Red Clovers since: November, 2014

Hometown: Proctor, Vermont

Morgan loves: Hiking, visiting cideries, and learning new things

Favorite Vermont food: Maple creemees


Sylvia Coli, Hostess, Front Desk

I love Vermont's four seasons.

At Red Clover since: August 2016

Hometown: Chittenden, Vermont

Sylvia loves: Zumba, cooking and canning, and her dogs

Favorite Vermont food: Vermont cheese


Sarah Warner, Innkeeper

I love Vermont because of its clean air and beautiful scenery.

At Red Clover since: November 2017

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Sarah loves: Painting, music and animals

Favorite Vermont Food: Apple cider



Michael Ryan, Executive Chef

I love Vermont because of the beauty of nature around me; the mountains, lakes and streams. I enjoy cooking Vermont’s locally foraged and farm-fresh food, and I enjoy the people I work with.

At Red Clover since: May, 2014

Hometown: Proctor, Vermont

Mike loves: Gardening, foraging, fishing, music and my family

Favorite Vermont Food:- Maple syrup ( I love it in my coffee), Big Lennys Vermont Maple Sriracha sauce


Tom Holland, Sous Chef

I love the Red Clover because I get to work with friends.

At Red Clover since- July, 2015

Hometown – Proctor, Vermont

Tom loves: Organic gardening, bike riding, mycology, renewable energy

Favorite Vermont Food: Cheese, foraged mushrooms and Switchback Ale


Restaurant & Dining Room Staff

Karin Furman, Waitstaff

I love Vermont's small towns, people and four seasons.

At Red Clover since: 1996

Hometown: Stockbridge, Vermont

Karin loves: Gardening, spending time with kids and living a healthy lifestyle with her husband

Favorite Vermont food: maple syrup, cheese, meats and veggies


Thomas Meek, Wine and Beverage Director, Head Server

I love Vermont for its peacefulness and people’s awareness of the environment. I love working at the Red Clover Inn and Restaurant because of the passion behind the food and drink.

At Red Clover since: 2010

Hometown: Leipzig, Germany

Thomas loves: Quiet living and his dog

Favorite Vermont food: Local vegetables and fruit, whiskey sours