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Leaf Squad Autumn Color Report, October 17 2018

With plenty of gold, bronze and conifer green coloring the valleys, the transition to winter has begun in the mountains around Killington. The grass is still vibrant in the lower elevations and warm sun is accompanied by a nip in the air, providing c…

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Leaf Squad Autumn Color Report, October 9 2018

We’re falling hard for autumn… the colors in the hills and valleys have to be among the most stunning in recent years. We live here, and we can hardly look away from the vistas outside our windows! With midweek warmth bouncing to seasonal temps …

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Leaf Squad Autumn Color Report, October 3 2018

Wow, that happened fast! With cooler temps this week, leaves picked up the pace of their transformation in the Killington Valley. Mid-week moisture gives us misty vistas to accentuate the pop of reds and yellow. As we head toward the weekend the sun …

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Leaf Squad Autumn Color Report, September 25 2018

It’s still early for color in the Killington Valley, although the pace of autumn has picked up considerably with chilly nights (made for cuddling!). Right in the inn’s backyard yellow leaves cluster on the surface of the pond, while the birches…

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Leaf Squad Autumn Color Report, September 18 2018

Patches of orange and yellow are now visible in the higher elevations of Route 4 toward Killington, and color is scattered throughout the valleys from the inn’s tucked-away location on Woodward Road. Here at the Red Clover, leaf-peeping is second n…

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Leaf Squad Autumn Color Report, September 11 2018

Early fall is lush this week, with plenty of mid-week rain in the Killington Valley to freshen us up for a weekend of great weather to come. While higher elevations are beginning to show spots of color, the trees in the backyard of the Red Clover Inn…

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Spring's Gift of Quiet

April and early May are quiet in Vermont. With winter behind and summer ahead, spring forges its way in with a soft, fresh awakening. Early spring’s visitors share our secret: April and May are a time to relax, rediscover, and take your time. T…

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Welcoming Our Newest Innkeeper: Emma

A recent addition to our team of Innkeepers, and a Tyler Place Family Resort transplant, we wanted to introduce you to our newest Innkeeper- Emma Dunkinson! Coming to us across the pond from Durham, England, we're excited to welcome her to Killington…

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