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Wine Spectator: Awesome Wine List, Red Clover!

Does sexy or flinty entice you… Do hints of white pear, pine nuts, green melon speak to you; would you sniff the aroma of chamomile or white pepper? You must love wine! This year the Red Clover Inn won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence once a…

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November 2, 2015  |   Share:

Art With All Our Hearts

We love art with all our hearts here at the Red Clover. Woven into our fiber, our desire to bring in the beautiful is evident in our ambience, décor, seasonal expressions, musical performers, gardens, and even our cuisine. Upon entering the inn, y…

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October 19, 2015  |   Share:

Business and Pleasure

A retreat? Where are we going? Life moves faster and faster and sometimes a break from the mundane is just what the doctor – or the CEO – ordered. If you get to weigh in on where to go, think about collaborating over business and pleasure with …

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October 5, 2015  |   Share:

It’s Getting Colorful in Here

The Red Clover Inn kitchen is hopping these days. The autumn foliage transformation has begun, and while our leaves respond to the cooler Equinox sun and shorter days, farmers’ gardens burst with the abundance of harvest season.

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September 21, 2015  |   Share:

Winter in August, Cold Soup in Summer, and the People’s Choice Recipe

Earlier this month we hosted a booth at the 34th annual “Winter in August” celebration, presented by the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce at the Vermont Farmers Food Center. The Food Center is a creative incubator space just down the road that …

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September 8, 2015  |   Share:

Water you doin’?

The dog days of summer. The phrase traces its roots to the sticky, sweltering heat of July and August, when the ancient Egyptians and Greeks sweated out days under the sun and at night awaited the rise of Orion’s Dog Star, Sirius.

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August 25, 2015  |   Share:

Cuisine, Cocktails, and All That Jazz

Take a backyard stroll at the Red Clover Inn on Thursday evenings and you will be drawn to the open window, where the sweet, smooth strains of jazz fill the dining room. Inside, local food feeds your soul, while mellifluous notes fill your heart.

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August 10, 2015  |   Share:

On Adventuring

Striking off to parts unknown is in our blood here at the Red Clover. Ever since General F. J. Woodward, one early owner of our property, returned from worldwide travels nearly a century ago, our doorstep has welcomed the weary back “home.”

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July 27, 2015  |   Share: