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With Sugar on Top

IMG_5357.jpgSnowliage. It’s where fall meets frost, gold meets silver, and the earth gives way to the confluence of things. It’s pretty, please (with sugar on top); one of the most beautiful features of a Vermont mountain autumn.

When a chilly night’s precipitation meets autumn leaves, extra good things happen. This is the time of year when the yellow, red and orange mountain slopes are just cold enough overnight for an occasional coating of snow. While the leaves are hanging in there, the snow doesn’t always wait for the calendar in the higher elevations. It’s not unusual to wake up to foliage frosted with snow: snowliage.

During these mid-autumn days, peaks bearing their white veil are soon warmed by the sun and snowliage quickly becomes a memory, a stunning gift that disappears soon after morning’s first daylight. It’s not unusual to gain 40 degrees in the daytime – and lose it, at night. It’s the recipe for warmer days spent enjoying the explosion of color around us, and cozy nights in front of the hearth with a warm mug of tea or a cocktail.

We’re not the only ones. Try searching Google for snowliage and you’ll see stunning pictures, many of them taken in Vermont. Instagram and Twitter hold down their own, with #snowliage. Killington Resort is already making snow in preparation for next month’s Audi Women’s World Cup ski competition, and manufactured snow is particularly frosty on the leaves. Last week Killington Resort put up their first snowliage shot on Facebook, titled, “Rime Time.”

By definition snowliage is created by the first measurable accumulation of snow, which in itself generates some excitement in these parts. While fall is very much still here and the leaves are brilliant, autumn’s strides are fast and determined. There’s no denying that autumn’s nighttime snowfall is a harbinger of things to come.

To come, very soon. Soon, the trees will be bare and snow will work its way down the slopes into the valleys, bringing with it stark beauty and opportunities for lots of frosty fun. As the snowline moves down the mountains, it’s not too soon to set aside some time to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing in the Killington region. Whether your idea of fun is thrilling or relaxing, Red Clover is your vacation home base. Call or book online today and make plans to see the snowliage, or check in to winter plans to come! Thanks to Pico Mountain for the beautiful snowliage image.

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