Glendon Ingalls and the Red Clover Jazz Trio celebrate five years of making music and making friends, Thursdays at the Red Clover Inn & Restaurant in Mendon.

Gifted and versatile, Glendon Ingalls lives for the relationships that music helps him fulfill.

Connections with the audience, his band members, students and the venues that he plays – they all add up to new friends and finding new ways of delighting people with swing and blues.

On January 9, Glendon and the Red Clover Jazz Trio celebrate five years of making music at the Red Clover Inn & Restaurant, a vacation and dining destination located in Mendon. “During the course of the five-year run of Jazz Night at the Red Clover Inn and Restaurant making music for the guests has been a very gratifying experience,” notes Ingalls.

At five years, the Red Clover Inn & Restaurant is the longest running weekly jazz performance venue in Rutland County. With Ingalls on trumpet, cornet, bass and many other instruments, Chuck Miller on the keyboard and Steve MacLauchlan on sax and woodwinds, to enjoy the show you don’t have to know much about music – you just have to feel it.

That connection is different for every person, and in its simple yet complex, smooth yet edgy style, the Red Clover Trio appeals to everyone on an individual level. On any given Thursday night at the Red Clover Inn & Restaurant, romantic couples, groups of friends and après-ski revelers alike enjoy the music of the Red Clover Jazz Trio while dining or gathered at the hearth or bar.

Some guests are local followers, some hail from further away. With a four-decade run of teaching in public schools in the region, Glendon is likely to know a few folks in the room. He has also worked with students at Johnson, Castleton, College of St. Joseph and Middlebury, and taught private lessons for the young, and young at heart.

“In addition to our local friends and followers, we have made many new friends,” Ingalls says.  “Some are seasonal residents who come to Vermont to for either the summer or winter, and as they depart, they remark that they’ll see us next season.” 

It doesn’t take much for new friends to become old friends. Glendon loves to see the same people each year, remembering, along with people he sees regularly, those who come annually to celebrate special events like anniversaries and birthdays, or comment that dinner at the Red Clover Inn Jazz Night is a regular part of their itinerary when visiting Vermont.  Often, he says, they will request songs that are meaningful from the last time they were in town.

From the hosts’ perspective, Glendon and the Red Clover Trio have made Thursday nights special. The inn offers a fabulous music and dining experience to new guests, while many familiar guests continue to look forward to Jazz Night, returning week after week, season after season, year after year. The Red Clover Trio’s music is the perfect complement to the cozy hospitality that innkeeper Carol Ryan and the staff bring to the inn, and the wonderful food that Chef Mike Ryan creates. And while the Trio has many fans, none are more enthusiastic than inn owner, Ted Tyler, himself. 

“We are always looking for ways to engage guests to make their time at the inn memorable,” Tyler notes, “and Glendon and the Red Clover Trio add a unique element to the experience we offer.”

Glendon Ingalls and the Red Clover Trio play Thursday nights at the Red Clover Inn in Mendon. Dinner reservations are recommended: 802.775.2290.